RAW Cone Loader 1¼ Size

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RAW Cone Loader | 1¼ Size

This ingenious Cone Loader by RAW comes with a cone loader, a wooden poker, and a scraping card that enables you to fill your pre-rolled 1¼ size paper cones in seconds! The portable cone loader is constructed from ECM earth plastic (which degrades in a landfill much faster than regular plastic) and can fit into a bag or purse for safe and easy transport. Achieve the quality and consistency you can't get with the traditional hand rolling method and create the perfect smoke any time, anywhere for maximum pleasure with minimum effort.

The clever cone loader gives you the power to fill a pre-rolled RAW 1¼ size cone with ease. Simply fill the cone loader with your dry herb or tobacco mix with the help of the scraping card. Then, insert the narrow loaders tip into your pre-rolled cone and gently push your herb or tobacco into the cone with the included natural wood poker. Slide the filled cone off the loader, twist the end, and fire it up!

Impress all your smoke buddies and make your own 1¼ size cones in no time at all. The clever cone loader kit is easy to maintain and will last for years if looked after correctly. Order your 1¼ size Cone Loader by RAW today for the best available price right here at Grasscity.

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