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Exxus Miniovo 

If you are a fan of innovation in a compact form, then you’ll love the Exxus Minovo! The newest achievement from the Exxus Family, this stand out piece delivering potent flavors in a small frame. Featuring incredible advancements like bright, colorful LED light indicators, preheat mode, protective magnetic adapters, customized variable voltage and a powerful 470mAh battery, this is not the device to miss! The perfect sidekick to every vaper make sure to add the Exxus Minovo to the collection today!


    • Discrete and petite variable voltage cartridge vaporizer
    • Lightweight, fits in the palm of your hand
    • LED indicator lights
    • 510 threaded compatible with most cartridges
    • Rapid preheat cycle
    • Magnetic adapters
    • 470mAh battery
    • Choose from a variety of eye-popping colors
    • Comes with recharging USB cable, battery, two magnetic rings


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