LUXX Flow Max Disposable Vape

Flavor: Mango Ice
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LUXX Flow Max

Tired of disposables not lasting long? Upgrade to a Luxury Lites Omega XL disposable vape which has 2000 puffs per device. The design is slim and surprisingly is still very compact for 2000 puffs disposable. This is for sure the luxury of disposables!

Sporting a 1200 mAh battery that delivers consistent excellent flavor each puff. Luxury Lites Omega XL disposables are pre-filled with 5% salt nicotine level rather than regular disposable which have only 5% salt nicotine strength. This device is slightly harsher if you are looking for a stronger buzz. Also with the XL, you can create thick smoke for bigger clouds filled with rich flavor. It is like having a hookah ready at your fingertips in the size of a disposable

Features & Specs:

Pre-Filled: 10mL Salt Nic.

Internal Battery:1300MAH

Salt Nicotine: 5%, (50MG) Salt Nic inside for an accurate throat hit.

Puffs: Up to 2400+ Puffs per disposable.

Requires: No Maintenance Charging or Refilling.

What’s Inside the BOX:

1 x LUXX FLOW MAX Disposable Pod Device.

  • Sold individually.

    HOW TO USE ?
    Simply puff on the device to activate Pre-filled, no need for messy refills.

    NOTE: We aren't the manufacturer and we don't own the right to LUXX. We are simply a reseller for the product. Please use all products responsibly. Intended use for vaping purposes only, please do not drink. This product is not meant to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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