Top 3 Most Common Types of Drugs and Their Effects

Have you ever seen a normal minded person suddenly start doing crazy acts or maybe the no one who lost his/her senses within a few moments ? These are all symptoms of drug addictions. People consume drugs to divert their current mood and everyone takes it according to their desire either they are using it for comfort or leisure and pleasure.  Once you are addicted to any drug chemical, it is never easy to quit but it is not impossible as thousands and millions of strong minded and determined people quit this bad habit every year.

In this article, we would be studying in brief details of top 5 most popular and commonly used types of drugs and their effects after their consumption. 

Types of Drugs


Besides, there are so many types of drug which are increasing day by day due to its demand. In this article we would be focusing on 3 most commonly used types of drugs : 


  1. Tobacco
  2. Alcohol
  3. Marijuana

What is Tobacco ?

what is tobacco

Tobacco is basically a plant whose leaves contain so much addictive drug chemicals which may include nicotine,polyaromatic hydrocarbons, benzene, tar, cadmium etc. Tobacco plants are produced from 16 countries from all over the world which is also harmful for residents of those countries. 

Tobacco can be used in three different ways : 

  1. Smoking

  2. Inhaling

  3. Stickum

As for smoking, tobacco is consumed using cigarettes, cigars and pipes etc. For inhaling purposes, tobacco is used in dry and wet snuffing. Lastly, it is consumed in the form of chewing tobacco and dipping for stickum. 

Tobacco Effects and Risks of Tobacco

risks of tobacco

Tobacco is among the most harmful drugs as It can cause many such diseases who can bring you to die before average time. Smoking of tobacco with nicotine can be responsible for lungs cancer, mouth cancer, and throat cancer. A report says that more than 16 million people are facing heat diseases, stroke, diabetes and such harmful infections. 

Not only the consumers but surrounding people are also seen to be affected by its smoke as its smoke is also very harmful for non-smokers especially the children who have weak immune systems. That's why it is always suggested to smoke out of the range of children. 

What is Alcohol? 

what is alcohol

Alcohol is a drug element which is found in beer, wine, Tequila and all those liquids which can make you feel drunk. The percentage of alcohol in these liquids may differ from class to class like Breer may contain 2-6% alcohol, cider may contain 4-8% alcohol, wine may contain 8-20% alcohol, Tequila may contain upto 40% of alcohol and rum may contain more than 40% alcohol amount. Formation of each of these drinking liquids is different from the other like beer can be formed by sugar in malted barley. Barley is a special type of grain that belongs to the grass family and hence used in preparation of beer. Moreover, cider is made from sugar in apples and wine is made from sugar in grapes. 

Short Term and Long Term Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Short term and long term effects of alcohol on the body

When we talk about short term effects of alcohol, we need to clarify the amount of alcohol consumed. If the consumed alcohol is small then you may feel stimulant effects but if you are drunk enough that your body can not bear then it may cause depressant effects. In the long term effect of alcohol, one can face breathing issues, nerve damages, liver diseases, and most importantly family problems due to its immense effects on brain cells. 

What is Marijuana ? 

what is marijuana

marijuana is found in Indian hemp plants or Cannabis sativa which is also used as a source of spiritual mood, medicine, seed oil and industrial fiber. It has been approved as a legal drug in some countries which does not mean it is not a harmful drug as it is in the top list of drugs which are abused all over the world. There are so many names of marijuana which include weed, ganja, bud and so many related terms which differ geographically. marijuana is also used in the form of hand folded cigarettes. 

Short Term and Long Term Side Effects of Marijuana

short term and long term effects of marijuana

In short term effects of marijuana someone may feel partial memory loss or fear problems. It may also affect sexual ability, relationships, heart rate and risks of stroke. When we talk about its long term side effects, marijuana has strong effects of human IQ which may bring you out of college or high school if you are addicted to it.