#Isalt plus disposable device

I salt plus the disposable device is a device that provides you with the best vaping experience you ever have. I salt plus disposable Stick consists of 6% nicotine salt, which is equal to 20 cigarettes. It has a 280 mAh battery. It produces heavy clouds which provide you with a satisfying throat hit. 

These devices are the small and light-weighted device that you can easily keep in your bag. It doesn’t require any maintenance and as well as refiling. You can take it anytime and anywhere and enjoy the flavours. It is the best user-friendly vaping device you could find anywhere. It has charged fully for instant vaping. Whenever your liquid or battery runs out, you can buy a replacement for it. Each Stick offers you satisfaction, which is enough for a whole day. 

Features of I salt plus disposable device

The device contains many features, and here we described some of the essential features below:

  1. It requires no maintenance
  2. It doesn’t require charging
  3. It comes with having a fully charged so that you can consume it instantly.
  4. It contains 60 mg nicotine
  5. It has roughly 290 puffs which are equal to 20 cigarettes
  6. It contains 1.2 ml salt Nicotine E-liquid per pod stick
  7. Internal battery: 280 mAh 
  8. It is affordable and user-friendly
  9. It comes in different flavours.

Flavours of I salt plus disposable device

  1. Lychee ice: Sweet lychees that are mixed with the nicotine salts to offer you a mind-blowing flavour.
  2. Mojito kiwi: If you are a lover of kiwi, then this is for you. It is the best selling flavour that keeps your tongue juicy.
  3. Fresh mint: In this mints are mixed with nicotine salts to provide you with a cooling vaping experience. 
  4. Iced melon: This flavour is suitable for summer. These watermelons are juiced with nicotine salts. It provides you with satisfaction in the hot summer afternoons.
  5. Ice grape: As it names, you already understood that it contains grapes. It tastes sweet and tangy. If you are a beginner, then you can try this flavour.
  6. Fresh cucumber: Cool cucumber is the best flavoured I salt, which provides you with a cooling vaping experience in the summer afternoons.
  7. Mixed fruit: In this, all the fruits are mixed with nicotine salts. It contains a lot of fruit. 
  8. Green mango: If you love to eat ripe mangos, then you can choose this one. This one offers you a tangy and sweet flavour at a time.
  9. Strawberry shake: If you are a beginner and you are, looking for a flavour that will suit you, then choose this one. It contains a lot of strawberries mixed and juiced with the nicotine.
  10. Other than the above, it contains many different flavours such as Lemonade, Blueberry chill, Honey peach, Classic tobacco, and green apple.

If you are looking for a device that contains an authentic taste to refresh your soul, then I salt plus the disposable device will be the best option for you. Try it once, and you will amaze by seeing the results.